Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM) V, the next installment in the classic series.
My first serious game writing experience, a year of my life, and a great time with the team at Ubi.
Lead Writer

HoMM 5 "Hammers of Fate", the first extension to the Heroes 5 game.
We rushed it out the door a bit quickly, but I still think the writing took a step up in quality.
Narrative Designer/Lead Writer

HoMM 5 "Tribes of the East", the final piece of the Heroes 5 trilogy.
Definitely made with a lot more time and care on the writing/gameplay side. The fans called it the best of the Heroes 5 series; the critics said it was more of the same. But there is a lot of work in there that I am rather proud of.
Narrative Designer/Lead Writer.

Heroes of Might & Magic: Kingdoms
This is a web-based persistent world strategy game developed by Fabrice Cambounet, who did the Heroes V games. The PvP in particular is incredible (if a bit hard core)

This one was developed by Eugen Systems with Ubisoft. The gameplay and design are brilliant; it combines the good old Avalon Hill style map games with RTS management and -- yes -- poker. A must-play. My first full mocap experience, which I describe here.

Might & Magic: Heroes VI
Renamed along with the re-branding of the Might&Magic products, this is the next release in the epic TBS series. The project went through sole very difficult development phases, including changing the development studio to Blackhole. While some of the dialog is a bit uneven, the game should be excellent for the fans.
Lead Writer/Writer

Secret project
As one of the founders of the brand-new Amplitude Studios, I am heavily involved in the worldbuilding and development of a new IP. I can't say much more, but announcements will come in late September/early October 2011.
Narrative Designer/Lead Writer