Presentation: "4D Worldbuilding" at the GDC Online in Austin, October 2010.

Presentation: "Non-Casual Stories in Casual Games", Casual Connect, February 2010

Review: Interzone 222, May/June 2009
Three stand-outs, in my opinion, by Nina Allan, Aliette de Bodard, and Kim Lakin-Smith.

Presentation: "Storytelling in Games", NLGD, June 2008.
I presented on the topic of developing stories for video game development in the charming city of Utrecht.

Article: "Report Lyon Games", JeuxPro N°27, January 2008
A report on the conferences I saw at the December 2007 Lyon GDC trade show.

Review: Interzone 198, May/June 2005
Some standout stories, but overall uneven.

Review: Amazing Stories, #609, March 2005
The only Amazing Stories that I reviewed before it went into suspended animation; I hope the magazine makes a comeback.

Review: Oceans of the Mind, #13, Fall 2004, "Mysteries"
Not my best review, but I found the material largely uninspiring.

Review: Interzone, #197, March/April 2005
All in all a strong issue, with two that I really liked.

Review: Interzone, #196, Jan/Feb 2005
Probably my favorite of the three Interzones reviewed thus far.